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2020-2021 Plan

To meet the state guidelines, to protect the safety of our students and staff, and to promote an environment that embraces the individual needs of our students, the WFCS COVID-19 committee has established the following approved guidelines.

Social Health and Safety Plans

This plan has been submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Education and posted on our WFCS website. 

Social/Physical Distancing Measures

WFCS will limit the number of students in a room or use larger-space areas to meet the goal of maintaining social distances of six feet.

Face Coverings

Face coverings will be worn when moving through the hallways.  In the classroom or at recess, when students and staff are six or more feet apart, face coverings may be removed.  While engaging in physical activity in PE class, students will not wear face coverings. A face covering must cover the nose and mouth.

Learning Options

WFCS will open with in-class instruction five days a week.  An online learning opportunity will also be offered.  Families interested in online learning should contact the school office.


Washing hands for at least twenty seconds will be encouraged.  Hand sanitizer with at least sixty percent alcohol should be available in common areas.  All students should carry their own water bottles.  Water-filling stations should be manned only by staff. Drinking fountains will be turned off, so that they are not used by students or staff.

Surfaces such as door handles and sink handles will be cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis.  Spaces used by different groups and shared equipment will be disinfected after each use.  

Students will not be present or participate in disinfecting.

Adult/Staff Interaction

There should always be an effort to maintain a six-foot distance between other staff members and students throughout the day.  

Busing and Transportation

Each school district will have its own standards when transporting WFCS students.  All students are expected to wear face coverings when they arrive whether by bus or by car where they will receive a wellness check before heading directly to their classrooms.  Parents/guardians dropping off students should wait until the wellness check has been completed before leaving. 


WFCS have measured each classroom to ensure that all desks will be at least six feet apart and facing in one direction. 


The MPR and gym could be utilized to keep students at least six feet apart.  We will continue with chapel during this time using creative methods which might include some students in the room sitting in a chair at least six feet apart from all other students or staff while others watch virtually.


We will create one-way traffic patterns in hallways.  Classes utilizing hallway lockers will stagger the time students are at their lockers or assign students to lockers appropriately spaced apart by cohort.  

Class Transitions

To limit the hallway traffic, staff will rotate to the various classrooms to teach their respective subjects.

Outdoor Play

WFCS will limit the number of students on the playground and designate areas for play when needed and encourage physical distancing.  Students and staff should use proper hand hygiene before and after using the playground.

Field Trips

 All field trips should be held virtually until the COVID restrictions are lifted.  The eighth-grade mission trip will be local if students can perform ministry using proper social distancing.  The middle school Black Rock Retreat session will be during days only.  This will require parent drop off and pickup each day.


Students will eat in their own seats in the classroom using six-foot distancing during lunch and face in one direction.  The students should bring their own lunches.   Snacks should not be shared.  Any snacks sent for birthdays or parties must be bought as pre-packaged items.

School Visitors and Volunteers

All volunteers and visitors in the school must wear face coverings when in the buildings.  Anyone entering the building will undergo a wellness check.

Student Materials

Each student will have his/her own learning materials kit (pencils, pens, markers, highlighters, colored pencils, glue stick, large eraser, scissors, etc) as indicated by grade level.


A health and safety plan for athletics may be viewed on the WFCS website.

Individuals/Staff with Disabilities or Other Chronic Conditions

The administration will collaborate with the parent/guardian of students with disabilities or other chronic conditions and medical personnel to determine the best plan of action.  Remote learning will be considered an option for high-risk students. 

Staff with higher risks should avoid gathering in groups of any size and in common areas.


 Weekly updates will be sent home from the school office.   

Symptom Monitoring

Parents/guardians will take a temperature check each morning per student and keep sick children at home.  Any student with a fever may not be in school. Staff and students with COVID-19 symptoms should seek medical attention per Chester County Department of Health guidelines.   

Responding to Confirmed or Possible Cases

The school office is responsible to contact the local DOH or CMHD staff before responding to a known or suspected communicable disease.  If a student is on school property, he/she should immediately and discreetly be taken to the isolation Room 106 until picked up. Any sick staff person will be asked to return home.  The areas in which the student or staff recently vacated should be quarantined for twenty-four hours before cleaning and disinfecting.

Attendance Policies

WFCS will be lenient regarding attendance for students and staff who have been quarantined for the following reasons: being within six feet, sharing a health care waiting area, living with, or having direct contact with a COVID-19 positive person. Students should check their particular Google Classroom account for missed work and keep as current with their work as possible.   

Closing School

The Department of Health may close specific schools due to specific outbreaks of the COVID-19.  At that time, all students will receive virtual learning instruction. 

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