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Our Mission

Mission Statement:  West Fallowfield Christian School partners with Christian parents and the Church to provide a solid, Christ-centered academic experience, laying the foundation for students to faithfully serve God.

Our school exists to nurture our children in faith-infused opportunities that are grounded in scripture and filled with prayer and praise.

We strive for excellence in education and employ accredited teachers who responsibly bear the authority entrusted to them by the parents. Academic subjects are biblically integrated and are taught with an attitude that encourages faith and primacy of scripture.  Weekly chapel services, daily devotions in the classroom and Bible classes provide a spiritual foundation for our students.  We teach faith with hope for the future, and a positive outlook on everyday life. 

Faith, Academics & Family

At West Fallowfield Christian School, we value academic excellence combined with faith, respect and service.  In all aspects of education, our students explore their faith, learn respect in their relationships, and as they develop their talents, discover how to apply their gifts in service to others.  This value system is taught  by committed Christian teachers to apply in school, at home, in church, the community and the world.
West Fallowfield offers small class sizes and classroom settings that provide tailored educational experiences.  Our students score consistently above average on academic achievement exams, and transition to become leaders in high school.  West Fallowfield recognizes that children have different learning experiences and offers a comprehensive resource program and support from the Chester County Intermediate Unit to assist and equip students to learn.  Fine arts, music and athletic skills are emphasized through classes, electives and interscholastic teams.
In the school community, we treasure each student and family and find ways to serve each other as the need arises.  We work together through involvement with local missions and teach respect for the environment through  outdoor educational experiences.  We teach a Christian worldview and participate in cross-cultural service projects.
Christian faith, academic excellence, respect for others and service—these are the differences that instill lifelong values to build confident, well-rounded students prepared for life and beyond.

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