Mr. Ethan Reyle
Position / Grade: Fourth Grade
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Growing up in West Grove and attending the Avon Grove Charter School developed a profound sense of love and connection to small schools.  When I felt God calling me to teach, it was my strong desire to serve in a similar setting.  The past seven summers I spent teaching elementary, middle, and high school students through camp and youth ministries.  It was amazing to see the work God could do through me and my students, and it is an honor to be his servant and continue to see his work.  
I recently graduated from Geneva College in Western Pennsylvania.  It was a tremendous blessing to learn from some of the greatest professors and experienced cooperating teachers I know.  I count this as a blessing and look forward to giving back to them by teaching my students to see God in the world around as they come to discover it.  
A fun fact about me is that I spent three years studying Mandarin Chinese in high school because it made more sense to me than the other European based languages.  I played volleyball in college and still pursue playing recreationally.  My favorite author is Orson Scott Card, and his book Ender’s Game.  My favorites sports teams are the San Antonio Spurs and the Dallas Cowboys!

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