Name E-mail Address Phone Number Position / Grade
Mr. Russell Byerley Middle School
Miss Caitlin Cellini Kindergarten
Mr. Jimmy Comyns PE (3-8 grades)/Biology (HS)/Athletic Director
Mrs. Jamie Esbenshade Office Administrator
Mrs. Deb Fiscus Middle School Math
Mr. Mark Fiscus Middle School Coordinator
Mrs. Heather Furlong Principal
Mrs. Marjorie Gardinier 2nd Grade
Mrs. Emma Jean High School Spanish
Miss Laura Jones Preschool
Miss Michaela Miller MS Science & Health
Mrs. Madison Olszewski Office Administrator
Mrs. Amy Poletti 3rd Grade
Mrs. Amanda Reyle Resource Room
Mrs. Janine Richards 1st Grade / Elementary Coordinator
Mrs. Kendra Ridgway High School Coordinator/English Teacher
Mrs. Cathy Riehl Librarian
Mrs. Melanie Schillinger Pre-K
Mrs. Joanna Seaman 4th Grade
Mrs. Dorothy Simpson Business Manager
Mrs. Patricia Slaughter Director of Development
Mrs. Tonya Stoltzfus Music
Mrs. Joycetta Wanner Physical Education (Grades Preschool - 2)
Ms. Melanie Wendt Art
Mrs. Ina Withers 5th Grade

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