Name E-mail Address Phone Number Position / Grade
Mrs. Michelle Bonk [email protected] Director of Development
Mr. Russell Byerley [email protected] Middle School
Miss Caitlin Cellini [email protected] Kindergarten
Mrs. Deb Fiscus [email protected] Middle School Math
Mr. Mark Fiscus [email protected] Middle School Coordinator
Mrs. Heather Furlong [email protected] Principal
Mrs. Marjorie Gardinier [email protected] Second Grade
Ms. Amanda Houck [email protected] Resource Room
Mrs. Kristin Jurich [email protected] Preschool Teacher
Miss Mummert [email protected] Middle School Science
Mrs. Amy Poletti [email protected] Third Grade
Mr. Ethan Reyle [email protected] Fourth Grade
Mrs. Janine Richards [email protected] First Grade / Elementary Coordinator
Mrs. Cathy Riehl [email protected] Librarian
Mrs. Dorothy Simpson [email protected] Bookkeeper
Mrs. Tonya Stoltzfus [email protected] Music
Mrs. Joycetta Wanner [email protected] Physical Education/Health/Athletic Director
Ms. Melanie Wendt [email protected] Art

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