Spiritual Life at WFCS

In many ways, West Fallowfield Christian is like any other school.  Students learn to read and write.  They study science, math and social studies.  They sing and play.  They have times of laughter and times of tears.  They make friends.  What’s the difference?  Those who follow Jesus Christ have a different outlook on life, a different identity, different relationships with others, and a different sense of purpose.  At WFCS, Christ is the center of life and learning.  Jesus Christ makes a difference! West Fallowfield Christian School partners with Christian parents and churches to provide a strong academic and spiritual foundation for students in preschool through eighth grade.  Our school exists to nuture our children in faith-infused opportunities that are grounded in scripture and filled with prayer and praise.

We strive for excellence in education and employ accredited teachers who responsibly bear the authority entrusted to them by the parents.  Academic subjects are taught with an attitude that encourages Christian faith and primacy of scripture.

West Fallowfield seeks to instill within our students an awareness of the brokenness of the world while offering hope that comes only from Christ.  Personal discipleship in the context of a loving community, servanthood, a respect for all people, and peacemaking are foundational in our teachings.

West Fallowfield students participate daily in devotions and prayer.  All students have Bible memory on a weekly basis (less often for younger grades).  Middleschoolers have weekly Bible study groups.  Chapel is held once a week.  The chapel programs are led by guest speakers and local community pastors and include music, our worship team, and other special programs.  Each elementary grade presents a chapel during the school year.

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